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North Texas has hundreds of great dogs being overlooked and often euthanized because we simply have more dogs than we have adopters here. However, in some parts of the country, successful spay/neuter and education programs have resulted in a shortage of adoptable dogs at local adoption centers. Irving Animal Services and Humane Society of Flower Mound are partnering with some of those organizations to send dogs who aren't being adopted here to shelters in the Northeast, where they will quickly find new homes. We believe this program will allow us to increase the number of dogs we help find homes this year, as well as providing additional space in our adoption center to give dogs here more time to be adopted.

2014 LOW Dogs

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Love on Wheels Blog

Love on Wheels Blog

  • Thu, 06 Mar 2014 18:55:15 GMT

    The Chupacabra Roams Dallas
    She comes to us from the Shelter as "Super Girl" but the name just never fit in our house.  When I first saw her in person, all I could think was - it looks like the Chupacabra!  And it stuck - Most of the time we just called her Cheeba.  We really didn't have this girl for very long, 2 weeks, but I knew the moment she came home that she was special.  The poor girl may look a little silly in person due to some hair loss, but she has a big heart and an even kinder soul.  We have dreaded the day she would leave us for two weeks.  This girl is really one of a kind.

    Don't get me wrong.  I love all of my foster dogs, but this girl stole our hearts.  Before we knew it, she was already sleeping in our bed cuddled up very close to us.  You know its going to be a hard goodbye when you attach so quickly.

    Cheeba is a great dog -  She is athletic and can she ever jump for a dog her size.  She probably has a 4 ft vertical jump!  She will jump on you occasionally, but she has gotten better.  She also has a wide variety of noises she makes.  She almost has a screeching cry when she wants attention and she has a very big bark when she decides to use it.  She loves to play ball and run and chase my dogs.  She has gotten along great with all of them -  that says alot about her personality.  She does have a very strong fascination with the rabbits, so I might be hesitant with cats and other small animals.  I know she suffers from some hair loss, but we hope it is temporary.  If you can get over her very funny looks, she is such a wonderful dog!  She is great in the car, good on a leash and crate/house trained.  She is also a wonderful bed dog! 

    Cheeba is one of the few dogs I would like to skip town with -  so she will always have a home at our house.  I hope you will consider making her a part of your family!

  • Sat, 15 Feb 2014 14:48:54 GMT

    The Dude - Takes Dallas by Storm!
    When you first look at this sweet face, you know that he is exactly that - sweet!  Meet, THE DUDE!  This big guy just gives you more to love!  He has a wonderful disposition and just wants to be your companion.  The Dude loves to pretend he is a lap dog!  He will lay up in your lap and just soak up the love!  You can tell he is young, because he always wants to play!  He will try to play with you any chance he gets!  His favorite games are Tug-of-War with you or the other dogs or just about chasing any object. 
    He LOVES balls, but he hasn't mastered the concept of fetch yet!  We interviewed several dogs before bringing home this guy from the shelter.  He was the most docile around aggressive dogs.  Since we already have multiple dogs in our home, we didn't want an Alpha Male stepping in and making waves!  This guy has been wonderful and really enjoys the company of other dogs.  He is still working on jumping manners but has learned to Sit for treats and is great in his crate.  He is one of the few dogs we have brought home that does not "cry" in his crate!  The Dude LOVES to give kisses and is always ready to be mischievous!  He does not have any food/toy aggression and is happy being bottom dog at this house. 
    You will want to watch him though because he will tear up items if you are not paying attention if you leave them on the floor!  He just loves to chew and be a dog!  He doesn't really get into items he shouldn't, it has been something that shouldn't be there he goes after.  I think this will subside as he gets older. You can also cure this by giving him a Kong or a toy to chew on!  He doesn't really maul anything like my own dogs that could chew up a toy in 2 seconds, he actually enjoys playing with them and not destroying them.
    Although we do not have kids, I think he would be wonderful with children! I would tend to think a little older since he is a bigger dog, but he has never been anything but Gentle and Sweet around us!!!!  The Dude is a keeper!!!  I mean look at that sweet sweet face!   To see all of his photos - check out his photo page!

  • Mon, 13 Jan 2014 17:09:37 GMT

    Domino - a Photo History!
    Can't get enough of this little cutie!  You can view his Photo journey on the CuddleBug Portfolio site here:

  • Mon, 13 Jan 2014 17:02:15 GMT

    Dynamite Domino
    Our First foster experience of 2014 was a little eventful!  We actually started with one dog and then had to switch dogs due to some issues with the first dog -  So Domino came to a us a little later than normal! 

    I like to refer to this little man as dynamite in a 20lb package!  He is very cute and full of spunk!  He loves to run and play, and even though you can see some chi in him, he really isn't the typical lap dog.  He is a small dog that loves to run and play.  He was turned in to the shelter by his owner because he did not "have time" for him.

    He is fairy young and about 20 lbs.  As you can see from the photos above, he is very photogenic!  I enjoyed taking his photograph.  He has such a sweet little face and reminded so much of my own Monkey!  He did well on the car ride home and at the vet.  He gets along pretty well with my dogs, but does tend to bully them some even though he is the smallest dog in the house.  My own dogs didn't think to much of the bullying - but most of the time they got along fine and played together. 

    This little guy does like to bark -  He would bark at me and my husband sometimes just because -  and he usually barked when I asked him to be crated, but then did well in his crate.  I just think he is spunky and unique.  He would do well in a home that has time to spend with him and play with him.  He loved to run, jump and chase balls.  Agility maybe?

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