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Welcome Micky to Love on Wheels
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Micky was rescued from the Irving Shelter on December 14th to be in the Love on Wheels program.  His transport will be leaving December 31st, 2013.  Micky will begin 2014 on the road to New York, but will be looking for his forever home in January!

Look at this face!  I knew when I received a TXT from our Foster Coordinator that I had found my next LOW pooch!  He looks just like the rest of my gang! When I first picked up Micky from the shelter he just wanted to run and play.  We believe he is less than a year old and about 30 lbs!  He is FULL of love and energy!  He seemed excited to ride in the car and eventually jumped in my hatchback so he could stretch his legs.  He has done wonderful with all of my dogs and I can safely say he is great around other dogs.  He does have some typical puppy habits we are working on now!

He likes to jump!  BOY does he ever like to jump!  He is just full of puppy energy. He will also counter surf as well.  We just have to keep watching him and trying to help him understand to sit for attention.  He doesn't know SIT but are working on this behavior :)  He has gotten better of the last few days.  One thing for sure, this boy LOVES belly rubs!  OH MY HE LOVES THEM!  He will just lay on the couch with you and suck up all the attention you get him.  He has not had any accidents in the house and does well in the crate but he does whine at night and when left alone.  I think this will get better as he gets more secure! 

Micky is all black with just a little white!  He has big beautiful eyes and the most SOFT fur I have felt.  I love to snuggle next to him!  He likes to chase balls and did I mention he loves to jump :)

Micky has blended in nicely in our home over the last week.  He has gotten better about not crying when left in his crate and absolutely loves playing with our dogs.  I like to take him outside by himself though since he really loves to play ball and doesn't always get the chance with my crew.  He is already REALLY good at fetch and with some work I believe will be an excellent Athlete!  The only issue we have had with Micky is just trying to curb his jumping!  He gets so excited and just jumps and jumps!  He will calm down and lay with you on the couch because he does love Belly Rubs!

Micky has his final vet visit tomorrow.  I will update his behavior in the car after driving him to the vet and back.  He was restless the first trip, but it is hard to tell if it was the car or the situation.  I think Micky would do best in with a young, active family!  He would really complement this style of living!  He will do great in the cold weather since he already has such a wonderful coat!

Micky was wonderful at the vet this week!  He received a clean bill of health and a hotdog for his troubles :)  He rode very well in my car  - It's a hatchback and he just laid in the back with his bone!  The vet estimates he is just a puppy and less than a year old and was around 30 lbs.  He has continued to play with my dogs and getting better at fetch everyday!  If worked with, I think he will be a great athlete!  He LOVES to chase balls!  We did our last photo session this morning with the little guy.  He was pretty good considering I didn't have a helper!  We will miss the little guy!  He was always so happy!

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