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08/20 - I miss you!

I still miss you everyday little girl. I am sorry you wont be going on that truck to your fur-ever home, but you can just consider our house your home. I hear a rumor that the folks are going to do something special in your honor!

08/18 - A few days later.....

It is Sunday night and I really miss Leah. I was planning on giving her a little steak tonight as her going away meal, but she was not here to get her steak. I have her photos hung up in my studio now so I can remember her every day. I decided to take her crate down this morning. I expect her bags to arrive tomorrow and I will just pack them up somewhere safe. It is sad as I watch all the other fosters get their babies ready for the trip to New York. I wish them all safe journeys, but so wish my sweet Leah could make the trip.

08/16 - An empty space........

I am sitting here this morning trying to figure out what I have done to deserve such a cruel turn of fate. Last night our sweet Leah crossed the rainbow bridge. All I wanted to do was to save her from death in the shelter and give her a chance a good life. I guess it was not meant to be and all you were given was 5 days of incredible love. I wont be able to kiss her goodbye and send her off to New York to find her fur-ever home now. I had created her a little custom bag with her photo on it that I had purchased goodies to send with her on the trip that now she will never get. This week has been so emotionally draining I have to wonder if it is best if I don't try to foster because I can't take this type of emotional roller coaster - The worst of is it that her beautiful prints showed up at my house this morning that I ordered for the new owner. Instead of going to her new home, they will remain her a constant reminder of that wonderful little girl. I loved you little one - May you rest in peace.
08/15 - Leah leaves us -
Today has been unbearable. My Leah is gone, but not on a Journey to meet a new family, she has left this world. My heart breaks to know that I wont get those last few days with her and she will never have another tomorrow. Her time with me was so short, but my family loved her and we hurt for her loss. Soon in the mail I will be receiving the pictures I ordered for the new family, but they will never be able to enjoy them. I will receive the little custom bag with her photo on it, but there will be no reason to fill it with toys. MY heart aches. I thank God that her last day was filled with love but I wish that she would not have been taken from us. I could live with knowing she was on her way to a new family, but I am not sure how I live with knowing she is gone forever. I love you Leah! I feel like I failed you as a mother because I couldn't save you twice - You brought us so much Joy in the week we had you baby. Please rest in peace and take care of my Mr Snows and Effie there on the Rainbow Bridge.


08/14 - Leah at home - Day 8

First we should start with the GOOD NEWS! CARLO WAS SAVED! This was a miracle and I am very grateful that someone could step up and saved this dear baby! The bad news... well - sort of good and bad, sweet Leah was fixed yesterday and it was such a hard day for her. She was shaking all the way back up to the shelter and was terrified to be left there. I promised her I would be back! Once I returned, it was obvious that she feels horrible! Poor baby could barely stand. I hope she is better tomorrow.

08/13 - Leah at home - Day 7

Today is a day of Prayer..... It is ZERO hour for Carlo. We are hoping he can find his miracle! I know Leah would Pray for him too. Tomorrow she goes in for her Spay Surgery. We will be praying for her safe return. I am really afraid to drop her off - she is going to think I am leaving her there. I am pretty sure at this point when I leave her for the last time, there will be tears. She is such a joy!

On a happy note - I think Leah is going to be famous - The shelter contacted me and asked if they could use one of her photos on their website! YOU GO Leah!

08/12 - Leah at home - Day 6
Leah has decided that although she doesn't mind being in her crate - She doesn't really want to go in her crate.... She would rather stick around us all the time. Still - no accidents, no issues, no worries with Leah. She loves to play ball and with her floppy Frisbee! Another great thing about Leah - she never seems to shed!

08/11 - Leah at home - Day 5
If you needed more reasons to adopt Leah, here are a few more! Leah is very good on a leash. She went for a stroll around the neighborhood and loved meeting strangers and kids. She never barked or growled, just enjoyed her walk. I do think she may have some Heeler in her since she did do the walk/weave some like my Heeler mix! Leah also took a nap in the big bed this morning and was an angel. She laid right next to me with my hand rested on her. I just don't think you could ask for a better dog. She is really starting to open up and play outside. She loves to chase the ball and the Frisbee. I dressed her up a little bit tonight and posted a few new shots.

08/10 Leah at home - Day 4
Its been a sad day - Leah is still doing great but several of her Code Red partners from the shelter have not made it out of the shelter. When I picked out Leah, it was between her and another sweet Male, Carlos. I felt that Leah would be a better fit at this time for my own family, but it is difficult to think Carlos may not make it out of the shelter. Some days it is very difficult to Stomach the saying - You can't save them all. Today is one of those days. I don't want to think that Saving Leah will lead to a sacrifice of another sweet creature. All I can do is be thankful that Leah will be safe and in a home. I have posted a photo of Carlos in hopes that he finds his angel very soon.

08/09 Leah at home - Day 3
Leah is very good in her crate, but when it is opened, she always darts out of it so I wait until the timing is right before I let her out. My dogs actually like to eat in their crates, but Leah likes to eat right outside her crate. I have found if I go ahead and feed my babies and then get them outside, she feeds quicker and at ease. I don't see any issues at all with food aggression. This is good! Last night I had put the rest of my gang up from playing and let her stay out. She slept on the couch while we were watching a movie. What a nice change from our little crazies that never rest! :)

08/09 Leah at home - Day 2
Leah is starting to open up now! She LOVES to play with my dogs and follow us around. She does well in her crate although still whining some. I think she will be great with a home that already has dogs. She seems to really like playing with my dogs. I hate leaving the poor girl every morning for work since she still doesn't realize that we will be back. Last night for the first time she hopped up and went to sleep next to me. What a sweet girl!

08/07 Leah at Home - Day 1
I feel lucky for the family that is going to get Leah! WHAT a doll! So far she has integrated very well with my furry family. She is very polite, no barking or jumping, but she has whined a little when she was crated or not brought in from potty quick enough. As you can see in my gallery, I took some studio shots of her last night. She isn't crazy about being still because everything is so new, but I did manage to get a few good shots! She doesn't like frozen green beans and can't be tricked with her own food as treats! We are teaching her the SIT command right now and tonight we will try swimming with Leah!

No accidents so far and doing well in a crate.

Leah likes to JUMP and play tug a war! I found a toy that Leah Really likes, the floppy kong Frisbee! She would jump really high to get that Frisbee and continued to engage in Tug - o - war with the other dogs. I hope to get some photos of her jumping soon. She would probably be a great candidate for agility. Leah does not like: Frozen Green Beans or the pool!!!

08/06 - Leah comes home

I had been watching the PAWS for Irving page all weekend. There was always a home that all the babies would be adopted off the Code Red list by the time the shelter opened on Tuesday. Each day, I checked.... Each day, more worry. I already have a houseful of adopted dogs and really not in the position to take one in permanently. I do have a relationship with a local rescue that said I could always foster for them, but that would mean keeping the baby until I could find it a home.  

At the last minute, on Tuesday, they offered me another solution - The Love on Wheels Program. In a nutshell - it is a short term foster position that allows you to rescue a dog , in this case a code red dog, and keep it just for a few weeks. THIS will work out perfectly! I want to be able to save these beautiful babies, but I cant commit to a long term situation - LOW is perfect for me.

I headed to the shelter on Tuesday. I tried to keep a steady focus to keep from being depressed by all the dogs I couldn't help and instead focus on finding one I could. I had seen Leah many times. I have a heeler mix now and to say he is an amazing dog is an understatement. She was very quiet and patient - seemed like a good fit for my house full of wild ones! I decided to give it a shot and take Leah home into the program.

This will be my photo journal of her short time with my family. I hope that it helps the new owners understand a little more about this little gal as well as spread the word about how fostering saves lives. Oh by the way - if someone asks me what I did yesterday .... I get to say - I SAVED A LIFE? What did you do?


Leah goes mobile!

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