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Mr Tyler - Curly and Cute

ADOPTED! 12/7/13

ADOPTED!  12/7/13

Tyler - Love on Wheels Foster (November 2013)

Week 1: 

We picked up Tyler on Saturday, November 2nd at the Irving Animal Shelter.  We were looking for a small dog this time since we already have such large dogs.  When I first saw Tyler, I fell in love because he so cute and so sweet.  He road in  my lap all the way home, by far the best foster dog that we have had in the car!  He just lay quietly and enjoyed the Ride.  We had two of our big girls with us and they didn't seem to mind each other at all.

On Sunday, Tyler needed another bath.  He had pretty bad matting in his tail and very dry skin.  I had purchased some intensive conditioner for him and gave him a bath.  He was very good for bath time and it really seemed to help.  We finished cutting out the last of his mattes and he looked brand new.  What a cute little curly q he is! 

Tyler is maybe 15 lbs with black curly hair.  He has the most beautiful expressive eyes.  He loves attention and loves to play as well.  He gets along wonderful with my four other dogs.  There were no issues at all bringing Tyler into your home!  He seems to be potty trained as long as you make sure he is given time outside and likes his crate.  I have rarely heard the little guy bark, although he has howled on and off with my own dogs.  Tyler loves to pose for photographs!  He will just lay in the chair and give his "cute face".  He has been a wonderful dog for the first few days!

Week 2: 

I can't believe our Time with Tyler is almost over!  I have been terrible about keeping up with his blog most likely because Tyler really just fits in at our house.  He is a wonderful boy!  I love love love his curly hair and how he loves to give kisses!  He finds it very amusing to do furniture Olympics jumping from my couch to ottoman to chair!  For such a little dude, he has an amazing jump!  He loves the other dogs and plays with them often.  He does wonderful in his crate and I have YET to hear the little guy bark!  He never whines or cries, he is just a good little dude! 

He had no issues being neutered and recovered very quickly!  We are just working on clearing up a case of hookworms in the little guy!  He LOVES to be photographed and will just sit patiently and wait for me to take the photo!  He doesn't mind bow ties and fun accessories either!  Our house just wont be the same without this little guy!  He is really wonderful!

On the Road

It' s never easy to say goodbye!  We have had such a good time with Tyler and he has made himself a part of this family!  He is the only foster that has come in my home and made friends with all of my dogs big and small!  I know he would do well in a house with or without dogs!  He loves to play and bounce around... He has so much energy and fire!  This little guy has a knack for getting into trouble, but he has such a great personality.  We gave him one last bath last night so he would smell good and be clean for his big day!  He decided last night he would dig in the mud during potty time!  I am packing his special bag, including his food and treats, and tying the purple ribbon to Remember Sweet Leah....... I pray Tyler gets a wonderful home for the holidays!  I am trying so hard not to be sad he is leaving, but instead take joy in the fact he will make someone else a great companion!  Tyler is one more example of how fostering saves lives!  It feels good to make a difference!

We love you Tyler!

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